The Table covered in snow

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October 13, 2013 by leighnewlands

This has happened before but usually quite a rare sight. When it snows on Table Mountain, not only is it DAMN cold but you know, it’s abnormal and you don’t want to mess with the weather Gods. With the weather reports predicting snowfall on Table Mountain, many brushed it off as an “unlikely” event. Many however were just excited at the fact that snow was falling in our country, let alone on top of a mountain. Alas, the snow, she fell and continued to fall for a good part of the Friday morning. The No Danger Diaries crew made a mission up Table Mountain that morning and managed to capture these pictures:

table_mountain_snow_@ClimbZA no_danger_dairies_table_mountain no danger diaries 1 (2) no danger diaries 1 (1) No danger diaries (4) No danger diaries (3) No danger diaries (2) aerial viewUnless you were an eager beaver and set your alarm for 4am, got up and were z56ready to hike up a mountain that was most probably -500 degrees celcius, chances are you missed the snow. The most common place for Capetonians to go visit snow (when it does fall) is in the little town of Ceres, about an hour and a half out of the city. As snowfall happens usually overnight, it’s generally best to go visit in the morning. This is in order to avoid the crowds later on, before the snow turns into slooshy mud and before it all melts away.

When I woke up on Friday morning, I was jealous scrolling through the pictures of the Table Mountain snow on Twitter. When I found out that snow had fallen in Ceres I thought “why not!”.

IMG_8947 IMG_8941 IMG_8940 IMG_8935 IMG_8927I got hold of one of my most spontaneous friends, Caitlin, and we were off. A long drive with snow on surrounding mountains after the Du Toitskloof tunnel.




It was looking good for us until oddly enough we reached Ceres and saw just about no snow. Mountain pass after mountain pass, the snow seemed to just thin out.


Our trip was suddenly looking very dismal. We thought of taking one last random turn towards mountains in the distance which had snow on them. Upon realising that we needed a 4×4 to get through the muddy terrain, we thought logically and decided not to risk it.

There wasn’t a car in sight, hardly any reception – for all we know, it could have turned into a “The Hills have Eyes” in Ceres. As we turned back, Caitlin told me to stop. As she looked behind her, she wanted to get confirmation that in the distance it was snowing and not raining. I didn’t have my glasses on but I just agreed with her – besides, it was no point. We couldn’t reach there anyway so why get excited about it.That was the moment. The moment I said “yeah, it probably is” and we both turned our heads forward that we were suddenly hit with light snowflakes on our windscreen. I even remember Gangnam Style was playing at that very moment.  We jumped out of the car and did the typical thing, opening our mouths and letting the snowflakes fall onto our tongues. It was one thing to be in the snow, another to be in the snow while it’s snowing!


A friendly local pulled up next to us and told us Matroosberg Nature Reserve in Ceres was the place to go to now – and that’s where we headed. Our bodies pumping with adrenaline, we drove along the pass towards Matroosberg Nature Reserve where we were engulfed in a winter wonderland. It was so surreal. We would never have turned down there as from the main road; it looked like nothing was happening down that side but as soon as you go up the pass and around the corner, BAM! you are hit with more snow than you can comprehend. It doesn’t matter what age you are, I believe snow, snow fights, the beauty of it – it can make anyone smile. I can’t even describe my feelings when we saw the snow so all I can say is: let the photos tell you the rest.

IMG_8916 IMG_8920 IMG_8910

Sure, it’s just snow but it’s something that brings a smile to my face everytime. Yes, my hands absolutely froze and I’m surprised they are still with me today but the experiences were like nothing in this world. Of course it doesn’t compare to London snowfall but still, I got to enjoy this experience with my girl and fellow Capetonians. I’m happy.



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