#ANN7 news fails


August 25, 2013 by leighnewlands

UPDATE: Looks like ANN7 have had enough of this revelry and have managed to censor any video on YouTube related to their news channel, but fear not. Tune in to ANN7 any time of the day or night to see similar footage. There’s still the “Game On” footage to watch below as it was leaked on a different website 🙂 

Since its launch on Wednesday (21 August), the newest and youngest 24-hour news channel to grace South Africans has become noteworthy and no, not for its “strong emphasis on breaking news and incisive analysis” which it claims but more so for it having turned into Comedy Central for viewers throughout the country.

Funded by the Guptas and Jacob Zuma’s son, Duduzane Zuma, there’s no doubt many see this channel as a mouthpiece for the government and the ANC. Unfortunately though, no one takes the news seriously because everyone is tuning in to see when the next blooper will occur – whether it be the technical difficulties, the untrained news anchors who can either not see the teleprompter properly or who read as if they’re learning to read for the first time. This is a channel worth watching when you’re having a bad day. Yes, they’ve gained the numbers of viewers, unfortunately for the wrong reason.

Other criticisms include the poor use of grammar and sentence structure, awkward silences, spelling errors on the bottom rolling band and the poor investigative journalism which they claim to have. Also, with no one willing to advertise on the channel as of yet (if ever), the news station does not seem to have enough material to cover up  those awkward gaps. This leads to the repetition of instalments from the past day or two. Interviews tend to ramble on. The latest big blunder was the weather anchor referring to Johannesburg as “the Mother City”.

Some spelling errors we managed to capture so far.

Some spelling errors we managed to capture so far.

Some people say you need to give the presenters a break. At least read your material before you go live on air so you actually know what you’re talking about. Reading the Sunday Times today, it was quoted that an insider said ANN7 had hired models as anchors because “they believe that men will enjoy watching the news when they see pretty girls”. #Eish

Either way, Twitter has gone ape on this topic. There are too many jokes to mention so have a look at the hashtag #ANN7. Even a drinking game has come about as well as a spoof account @ANN7reporter.

ANN7 drinking game

The journalists are awkward. The anchors are awkward. The channel is awkward. But it’s brilliant. Give it a watch on channel 405 and follow the hashtag #ANN7 on twitter.

Below are some of the clips that have been doing the rounds, the best still being the first sports package which aired on Wednesday called “Game On”.

As more bloopers occur, I’ll add them in.

Enjoy! Lx







“Game On”


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