“You sound like you’re from Lundun”

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August 22, 2013 by leighnewlands

April this year Cape Town, South Africa welcomed the likes of two girls from the UK. Their names? Em and Liv. Em and Liv

They were busy with a 3-month holiday before they began their studies in September back home. Their first stop was Cape Town and I was designated tour guide even though I’d never met them before.

Nonetheless, I enjoy driving around my city and any excuse to bunk class for a day or two.

Tuesday: we first took a drive up the coast to see Hermanus (unfortunately they were only here for a week – definitely not enough time to see everything!).

Wednesday: took a drive through Kalk Bay, Fish Hoek, Muzinberg and a surprisingly non-windy Cape Point. They were very excited to see baboons which we managed to find. Leigh and Em

We also popped into Boulders Beach to see the penguins. Just chilling.

Em, penguins

Thursday: we were meant to take a trip to Robben Island but they had been having mechanical issues for a week.  Nonethless, last minute plan B.  Went to the Lion Drakenstein Park – a park which provide lions in distress with sanctuary, where they could live in safety, free from abuse and persecution, and be treated with the compassion and respect they deserved. We saw some that had been rescued from circuses overseas to another that lived in a one-bedroom flat in France. They are also home to tigers but they decided not to come out and say hello to us when we were there. We were greeted by one right in the beginning with a very harrowing and loud roar. Nothing compares to it when you hear it in real life than on movies – it was spine-chilling – so much so that Em disappeared halfway down the path. We also made a visit to the Ape sanctuary which was next door where we discovered Em could speak Gorilla, said something to it, causing it to suddenly throw stones and dust in our direction – think she made it mad, happy or confused. Not sure.

The evening, I surprised them (along with two of my other friends) and took them for a sunset cruise on the Jolly Roger. Turned out to be a pretty perfect evening, no wind or anything.


Friday: they abandoned me to go on a safari for the weekend up the East Coast where they got to walk with lions and jam with the elephants (amongst other animals I’m sure).




Monday: went for breakfast at Moyo where I found out that “flapjacks” means something completely different to South Africans as it does to the English. Google it, so ridiculous.


We then attempted Robben Island again and this time we were successful. Their boat, still not fixed so we had to board the Jolly Roger ship again which took us to the island.

We got to the island and hopped on to the bus where the tour operator began her talk. For some reason this got Liv and Em and they had that uncontrollable laughter/giggles. You know, those situations where you’re not supposed to laugh but you do and you try to keep it on the low down. Yes, that’s what happened. I still don’t understand why. Can’t take them anywhere.

Through this tour, we discovered an older man who was a little creepy and seemed to have taken a shine to me and another tourist (guessing Swedish?) who sat through the whole tour with her ipod on. Hashtag no idea why??. She was definitely listening to music on the other end though as it became apparent when we entered the one prison cell, there was silence and you just had this music blasting in the background. Talk about kill vibe. Either way, it was a tour with much humour surrounding it.


And then they left the next morning on to their next destination.

You two were brilliant and you kinda, sorta need to come back for longer so that we can roadtrip to Namibia and that I can show you much more. like a lot.


Miss you cool cats.

so much love,


Leigh. Em. Liv


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