scams and the likes


December 21, 2012 by leighnewlands

So this is just a brief interruption from my weekly London Diaries, something that happened to me yesterday.

Being in London for these 2 months, I’ve just noticed the use of Apple products everywhere – so much so that it’s tempting me into wanting one too such as an Ipad of some form or shape. The ease of it and the convenience and many services it offers, quite frankly, it’s VERY appealing.

Amongst my reviews over my finances yesterday, I realised it would be slightly tough for me to afford one and thought I’d try my luck at entering a competition for one. I (foolishly) found one on Twitter known as the handle @ChristmasTweet_ in which they ask you to follow them and retweet them to stand a chance to win. So there I go, follow and retweet and an hour later, they tweeted to me and said “congratulations @leigh_land, you’ve won the Ipad mini! Happy christmas! #christmasgiveaways”. Well I must tell you, I’ve never beeen so excited in my life, phoning everyone I knew and telling the world how lucky I was!


twitter2Then, time ticked away, hour by hour and heard nothing from them. After the announcement, I replied and said “thank you thank you so muuch! who or how do I get hold of you??” and even followed that tweet with free promotion for them thanking them and telling everyone to follow them. Nonetheless, still haven’t received any details from them, they’d deleted my tweets and proceeded to block me. I looked like a fool, receiving all these “well done” messages from people I didn’t even know, only to discover that I never actually won anything.

@ChristmasTweet_ Twitter page

@ChristmasTweet_ Twitter page

Conclusion: pretty much a major let down and a huge scam! I think it was some form of making money by getting lots and lots of followers. Anyway, it was foolish and I should have checked the credibility beforehand as with no website or physical company attached to it, there was no chance of brand reputation. Unless you are genuine and can redeem yourself and contact me, I say well done, @ChristmasTweet_ for pretty much restoring my faith on your Twitter page.



One thought on “scams and the likes

  1. […] As i’ve mentioned before, the culture in terms of technology is huge. In South Africa, everyone owns a Blackberry. Here in the UK, everyone owns an iphone. Also, with the reliance on public transport and many hours spent on it, commuters also own ipads and kindles. I’ve grown a huge attraction to Apple since I’ve been here, particularly to an Ipad Mini. I thought my luck had arrived yesterday but by the evening and this morning, I was very much disappointed. Have a look at my previous post –> […]

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