A new adventure this christmas

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December 14, 2012 by leighnewlands

Alright, so here I sit. A month and a bit since my last blog post and where am I? In Ernst & Young’s offices in London, England! You might say wow, that escalated quickly and given the time frame in which this occured, it really did!      


















I received a call from EY in which they wanted me to come over to do an internship in their PR/Communications department for two months. This all occured through the boss and my dad making polite conversation in November about me when suddenly the boss in the UK decided it would be a fun idea for me to come work for them. I was in the beginning not too thrilled – this was taking me out of my comfort zone big time, it was over my two month holiday period before I started my final year next year and it would be over christmas time which I’ve always spent with my family and I love. The plus sides? I get to experience London for two months, I might have the possibility of snow, I can put EY on my CV at the end of this experience, I can build more business contacts and just overall grow up a little bit more.

So, with a month before I was due in the UK, lots of time and money spent on Visa issues and running around to get sub-zero weather clothing, it really became a rush all in all whilst still balancing my previous job at Purple Pine PR.

Nonetheless, I arrived at 7am in London, being welcomed by a BITTERLY cold air. Once you get used to it though, it’s quite refreshing and with the UK being used to this degree in their winter, their central heating is top knotch inside so basically, if you’re coming to London in the winter, it’s all about the layers! As I sit here in the office, I’m in jeans, knee-high boots, leggings, socks and a short t-shirt. When I leave, I need to get my coat, hoodie, beanie, gloves and scarf out the cupboard, plug in my ipod and venture into the cold, dark streets of London (it gets dark by 4pm).


This being said, it may sound depressing (it is a little when you come from SA summer to this)








BUT it’s fun. Once you’re used to it, you just become so part of the culture – everyone is walking around till late, it’s safe here, the transport system is amazing and there’s just a huge sense of independence.

I just hope with the weather as it is, it better snow! I’m not going through all these red noses and sore ears for nothing!













Will post some of my adventures shortly.



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