The Ghost Town of Namibia

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October 28, 2012 by leighnewlands

There are but many beautiful spots to visit in Namibia and as mentioned in my last post, the one attratcion that stood out was that of Kolmanskop.

110km away from Klein-Aus Vista and just a few kilometres inland from the port of Luderitz, a little diamond town with grand mansions which arose from the Namib Desert.

In 1908, Luderitz was plunged into a diamond fever that caused people to rush in the Namib hoping to make a quick and easy fortune. Within two years of this discovery, a town was established in this desert, complete with a casino, school, hospital and exclusive residential buildings.

Unfortunately, shortly after the First World War, there was a drop in diamond sales which led to the beginning of the end of this little town. Eventually in the 1950’s, the town was completely deserted and the sand dunes took over what was orinigally theirs.

Through all this sand invading, metal screens began to collapse, streets disappeared, doors and windows creaked on their hinges and window panes began to crack. And so a ghost town was born.

Today, a couple of old buildings are still standing with some interiors still in relatively good condition. However, the rest are crumbling ruins demolished from grandeur to ghost houses.

On arrival, you are taken on a tour through the town covering each building and be told the history of each one such as the hospital and the difference in wealth with many houses being one level whilst the accountants house, for example, sporting two levels and a balcony. You are also shown the railway from which many of the residents would make use of especially the women when doing their weekly grocery shopping. Once the tour comes to an end, you are allowed to explore on your own and take photos.

The only building one is not allowed to enter is one that has been completely flooded with sand that the structure inside has become unpredictable and no one is quite sure as to when it may collapse.

That being said, if you’re planning on a day trip to Luderitz, I can highly recommend a stop at this attraction. It is one of rich history and spectacular sights.

The house no one was allowed to enter



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